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Global cellular company website design by Sanity LLC for a pay-as-you-go cellular company.

A very extensive and complex project, involving multiple applications, and cutting edge technologies:

Pay-as-you-go Cellular company.

This was a very extensive and complex project, involving multiple applications, and cutting edge technologies:


A Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Authorize.net Customer Information Manager (CIM) gateway.
A membership application managing affiliations and relationships.
A WSDL implementation allowing monthly cellular service at any carrier in the world.
A PCI/DSS compliant billing, shipping, invoicing, and ordering module using Authorize.net CIM.
Reseller portal, access control lists, user backoffice, and membership management.

Automated Value assessment

Source code break down
Language Files Blank lines Comments Code Minimum Value Maximum Value Average
PHP 406 6,992 19,453 32,327 $387,924.00 $2,424,525.00 $1,406,224.50
CSS 19 3,515 400 24,192
HTML 183 630 27 10,882
JavaScript 14 620 546 2,515
XML 7 207 0 1,518
Java 1 74 78 230
Sum 630 12,038 20,504 71,664


34% Owner (majority in Florida is 66.67%)
Chief of Operations
Chief Technology Officer
Lead Developer
Backend API,code, front-end, and backoffice areas.


Project went through three generations as the company model went from public access, limited access, and finally member-only access.

Indecision and other environmental forces caused the project to eventually stall.

Upon advice of my attorney, I notified the company of my intention to sever all personal, company, and code base affiliation with the company.


In a three-month limited trial run, the company processed an excess of $10,000 in orders resulting with several hundred dollars in commissions placed in virtual wallets of clients.

Overall, other than a few tweaks, the pilot was considered a success.


While programmers familiar with sizable projects may, at first glance, think the assessed values to be disproportionate with amount of coding. This project was written using xPDO which objectifies data, structures, and relationships. Additionally, xPDO handles database connections, information abstraction, and injection cleansing.

Projects using xPDO can typically be developed using only 10% - 25% of the effort and code size of projects developed without it.


All rights to the code, logic, and underlying systems were retracted by my company, Sanity LLC, and was returned by signed-agreement.

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