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Outsourced website services
and privacy researchers.

Computer Repair, Home Networks, Internet Technologies, Web Development, Privacy Implementations, Research

Meet our Leaders

We are a homegrown, globally connected, client-centered consultancy that prides itself on its Creativity and Innovation.

Dr. W. Shawn Wilkerson, DISS | MITM
Dr. Shawn Wilkerson

Founder, Technology expert, developer, programmer, researcher

Victoria Wilkerson, MET
Victoria Wilkerson

Logistics, office operations, developer, trainer


Past Clients

G.W. Schultz Tool
web design & hosting, coding, network, computer
Lakeside Endocrine
web design & hosting, server operations
River Crest Church
web design & hosting, coding, network, computer, sound systems
Volusia County Schools
coding, website-based student assessments for PreK.
World Wide Stationery
retainer, seo, web design, featured products, web hosting
web design & hosting, programming, commission system, affiliates, payment gateway

From Our Portfolio

Lakeside Endocrine
Pre-K Classroom
Volusia County Pre-K Teacher Portal
Z Cellular Prepaid Cellular