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Networking is the connection of network devices (computers, smart televisions, printers, Alexa, Home, Nest, Ring, etc) to a router or switch.

Sanity LLC installs and configures wireless networks providing smart devices, computers, televisions, refrigerators, tablets, as well as smart phones secured WiFi connections. We can also migrate your current computers to the wired or WiFi network.

What is Networking?

Networking is the connection of network devices to a single router or switch. Typically, people tend to think of networking computers together, but in the IOT age, smart devices also connect to the network.

Don't trust your ISP with your network

Your Internet Service Provider typically does not warranty, guarantee, or even offer security to your network devices. They will usually have usage policies protecting them from their clients, but do very little to protect their clients. Additionally, do not pay them a monthly service fee for a $30-$50 router you can get at a local box store or online.


Networking can provide a mechanism to protect privacy, or at the very minimum reduce the online footprint. Your ISP, social networks, and many web sites track your internet activities. A properly configured network may increase the difficulty of tracking or monitoring your online activity.


Networking can provide a defense against DDOS and other cyber-attacks.

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