Computer Repair

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Computer repair is necessary due to damage, data loss, accidents, manufacturer defects, and malfunctioning computer components or operating system. Flat rates apply.

Sanity LLC performs computer system repair for local companies, manufacturers, attorneys, store owners, senior citizens, churches, nonprofits, doctor's offices, and many others. We have flat rates, competitive prices, and satisfied customers.

Computer repair defined

Computer repair is addressing a known problem requiring very little assessment. The primary difference from Computer Troubleshooting is that the primary issue is known from the outset and discovery is not required.

Computer repair: flat rate pricing

Computer repair: Hardware

Computer repair is typically associated with computer hardware components: chassis, motherboard, memory, CPU, GPU, HDD, SSD, NVME storage, fans, and cooling.

Repair involves a short assessment on the known issue and is generally resolved by replacing the computer component, reconfiguring the system, or simply removing the component.

Computer repair: Operating Systems

Software computer repair is traditionally reserved for the operating system as specific programs and generally supported by the developer.

Microsoft Windows Computer and Linux Repair Services

Bloat Removal
Remove unwanted applications installed without permission.
Data Retrieval
Access and retrieve data stored in user accounts.
Perform a clean install removing all user data and programs without backups.
Malware Removal
Clean malware from an operating system.
Recover an installation retaining user documents.
Secure Wipe
Overwrite data areas of storage devices with military grade encryption.
Perform Windows updates.
Virus Scan
Scan, detect, and clean viruses from a computer.

Disclaimer: subsequent Windows updates may reverse or remove modifications performed in these computer repair services. These services are not guaranteed to be successful, as conditions may exist that render the data irrecoverable, i.e. encryption or the permanent, i.e. malware hard-coded to hardware components.

Linux Installations

We will gladly install Fedora, Redhat, Centos, OpenSuse, or Ubuntu. Linux is especially useful on older hardware. Many of our customers find Linux to actually run faster and be more stable than Microsoft Windows.

Disclaimer: existing Windows installations, user data, programs, and configurations may be erased and unrecoverable. Additionally, some software may not work in Linux. Ask for more details.

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