Computer Troubleshooting

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Computer troubleshooting is necessary when complex issues plague computer systems requiring direct interaction, evaluation, and testing. Capped hourly rates apply.

Sanity LLC performs computer troubleshooting for lawyers, doctors, professionals, small business owners, and many others. With over three decades of experience, we know when efforts to restore a system out-weighs replacement cost. We provide a maximum number of hours we will commit to a project, before secondary consultation with the owner is required. This saves our client's money, while allowing Sanity LLC to remain as efficient as possible.

Computer troubleshooting defined

Computer troubleshooting is seeking out the cause(s) of computer issues requiring research, assessment, and trials. The primary difference from Computer Repair is the significant increase in the amount of direct interaction and time required to understand the symptoms and correctly diagnose a solution.

Computer troubleshooting: capped hourly pricing

Many computer troubleshooting processes are automated. Virus removal is an example of this, as a slow laptop with 500,000 files may take an entire 8-hour day to run a single scanning round. The laptop sits on a shelf running each iteration of the removal process. Sanity LLC changes for the time the technician will actually interact with the device, a maximum of two hours for virus removal.

Computer troubleshooting: Hardware

Troubleshooting computer hardware can pose very interesting scenarios. We have seen a corrupted mother board BIOS radically change the dates on multiple-page reports, voltage fluctuation causing random lock-ups, and heat causing computer reboots due to an electrical surge.

Sanity LLC endeavors to establish the maximum cost with the client before the project is accepted.

Computer troubleshooting: Software

Quite often, troubleshooting computer software can be resolved in a couple of hours.

Disclaimer: not all software issues are correctable. Some scenarios will require an update from the developer. It is also possible that a software product is no longer supported by the developer, i.e. Quickbooks 2012 installs and runs fine on Windows 10, but Intuit no longer allows the software to "register" the license with their servers. A backup of the system with the installed license is the only solution,w ith purchasing a newer product.

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